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by Shweta Patel

In the business world, if you don’t grow, you die. But business growth doesn’t happen on it’s own. It’s a combination of smart customer acquisition and retention, which is another way of saying that you need to introduce your business to new target audiences. For some businesses, customer acquisition is the result of effective sales interactions and clever cold calling strategies.

Indeed, there is only so much that marketing activities can do to turn leads into conversions. Except that it’s not completely true. A new marketing strategy could include exciting newsletters, increasing your SEO ranking and valuable partnerships, but in the end, none of these activities help you to introduce your business to someone new. When it comes to reaching out to a new audience, you need to embrace new strategiesafter all; there is no guarantee that the same old strategy can reach new target groups. So how can you create a new introduction effectively for your business?

complete guide to target audience analysis

Identify Your Audience

You more than likely have a specific target audience in mind, the quintessential question is whether or not your website is currently attracting that target audience. And the way to answer that question is through your website’s analytics. Using a tool like Google Analytics, you can pinpoint exactly who’s visiting your site and how they’re getting there.

          Who Is Visiting Your Site?

         Where Are They Coming From?

         How Are They Getting to Your Website?

         What Device Are They Using?

         Are You Attracting Your Target Audience?


Understand How Your Audience Currently Engages With Your Site

Now that you’ve identified your audience, the next step is to look at how your audience engages with your site.

What Content is Driving Traffic?

There are a few ways you can find out what content is performing well on your site and driving traffic. First, look to see which pages on your site have the highest page views. Then, you’re going to want to examine which content is actually driving people to your site. And lastly, you’ll want to understand what type of content is performing best for each acquisition channel. In other words, what’s bringing in visitors from organic search, social media or referrals?

What Content Is Being Shared?

When your content is being shared on social media, your site’s visibility is amplified, so it’s essential to keep track of which content is being shared the most via social media

Know what they’re looking for (content)

Unless you’re happy to be one of the endless suppliers of cat videos and memes, chances are people are only going to come onto your site if you have what they’re looking for. In most cases, this would be one of two very simple things:

1. You’re answering their question

2. You have an insight into something they are interested in

EXAMPLE: Content is King. The deeper and richer content you can offer your audience, the more likely they are to return to your site as a trusted source.  If your site is an add-on to any core product – i.e. the supporting site for a television program – then the first question you must answer is “Am I giving this audience something different than the core product?”

Online replays are not enough, you need to give the audience something different, something insightful – and something exclusive.


Create an engaging social media personality

With most modern customers using their smartphone for social media interactions, you want to build a visible presence on an engaging platform. Don’t think Twitter, as posts have a lifespan of 20 seconds before they are replaced by the new post. Instead, focus on building a trendy Instagram account. Instagram focuses on aesthetically pleasing content, which is a way for any business to present its services and team attractively.

Pick a color theme as part of your visual brand identity and stick to it, so that there’s a sense of continuity in your posts. Similarly to Twitter, #hashtags matter on Instagram and are used to attract new followers. More importantly, you can use up to 30 hashtags on Instagramwhich isn’t an option on Twitter. Finally, use trendy visuals with your target audience in mindhowever exciting a cup on your desk might be, the Instagram community prefers to see people in your pictures.


Monitor your Performance

Once you figure out how to make the most out of Google Analytics, you will be able to track individual posts and see how they have engaged your target audience.

Once you’re in the habit of analyzing stats on a routine basis, you’ll be in a great position to learn from the data, optimize your content to perform better, and develop new, high-performing content for your website.

target audience

Wrap Up:

All of the effort you put into producing great content will be lost if you don’t take the time to find and engage your target audience. So, now follow all these steps and increase your audience.

What will you do today to engage with your target audience?

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